With DOTTO we welcome nature to our table.

Dotto is an extra virgin olive oil whose origins are in organic farming following completely cultivation procedures and the total exclusion of the use of chemicals diring plant growth or at any other stage of production.

Dotto, an olive oil offering organoleptic features of the highest quality and elevated nutritional values reveals genuineness to be the most essential element of production.

A careful selection of the olives, picked according to ancient traditional methods, and an entirely mechanical pressing process makes of Dotto a superior quality extra virgin olive oil.

Bottle ETRUSCA 0,500 L
Cardboard:6 Bott. x 0,500 L
Measures:cm 17 x 16 x 27
Weight Cardboard:Kg 5,740
Packages for layer:35 per 5 strati
Packages for pallet:175
Pallet weight (not included):Kg 1005

Bottle MARASCA 0,500 L
Cardboard:6 Bott. x 0,500 L
Measures:cm 18 x 12 x 28
Weight Cardboard:Kg 5,740
Packages for layer:36 per 4 strati
Packages for pallet:144
Pallet weight (not included):Kg 827

Bottle MARASCA 0,250 L
Cardboard:12 Bott. x 0,250 L
Measures:cm 22 x 16 x 24
Weight Cardboard:Kg 6,380
Packages for layer:24 per 4 strati
Packages for pallet:96
Pallet weight (not included):Kg 612,5