Corte degli Olivi


This extra virgin olive oil is fruit of a careful selection of a small group of producers who, year by year, guarantee high standards of quality.

A true "court" of olive growers united by their sincere dedication to a genuine product with high nutritional values.

CORTE DEGLI OLIVI is a extra virgin olive oil produced using only the most traditional pressing techniques in order to conserve aroma and fragrance.

While perfect for all kinds of cooking its qualities are best appreciated when used fresh.

Bottle ETRUSCA 0,500 L
Cardboard:6 Bott. x 0,500 L
Measures:cm 17 x 16 x 27
Weight Cardboard:Kg 5,740
Packages for layer:35 per 5 strati
Packages for pallet:175
Pallet weight (not included):Kg 1005

Bottle ITALY 0,750 L
Cardboard:6 Bott. x 0,750 L
Measures:cm 23 x 15 x 29
Weight Cardboard:Kg 7,6
Packages for layer:26 per 5 strati
Packages for pallet:130
Pallet weight (not included):Kg 988

Bottle MARASCA 0,250 L
Cardboard:12 Bott. x 0,250 L
Measures:cm 22 x 16 x 24
Weight Cardboard:Kg 6,380
Packages for layer:24 per 4 strati
Packages for pallet:96
Pallet weight (not included):Kg 612,5

Bottle MARASCA 0,500 L
Cardboard:6 Bott. x 0,500 L
Measures:cm 18 x 12 x 28
Weight Cardboard:Kg 5,740
Packages for layer:36 per 4 strati
Packages for pallet:144
Pallet weight (not included):Kg 827