Contessa Tosca del Madonnino


This extra virgin olive oil from Contessa Tosca's land south of Florence has a far-reaching history which reveals that only an olive oil of this calibre could have stood on the tables of the Medici.

CONTESSA TOSCA DEL MADONNINO extra virgin olive oil has been awarded the rare Tuscan IGP designation (Protected Geographical Indication) a EU initiative to preserve the product's genuine place of origin.

This truly Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil is dense, deep green in colour, and has a rich flavour with an unmistakable peppery aftertaste and a distict aroma.

Bottle ETRUSCA 0,500 L
Cardboard:6 Bott. x 0,500 L
Measures:cm 17 x 16 x 27
Weight Cardboard:Kg 5,740
Packages for layer:35 per 5 strati
Packages for pallet:175
Pallet weight (not included):Kg 1005

Bottle MARASCA 0,500 L
Cardboard:6 Bott. x 0,500 L
Measures:cm 18 x 12 x 28
Weight Cardboard:Kg 5,740
Packages for layer:36 per 4 strati
Packages for pallet:144
Pallet weight (not included):Kg 827

Bottle MARASCA 0,250 L
Cardboard:12 Bott. x 0,250 L
Measures:cm 22 x 16 x 24
Weight Cardboard:Kg 6,380
Packages for layer:24 per 4 strati
Packages for pallet:96
Pallet weight (not included):Kg 612,5