Terre Alte di Toscana


The land, like the climate, greatly affects the qualities of Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

TERRE ALTE DI TOSCANA introduces an olive oil born of a micro-climate where the quality of the land and the sun is heightened granting unique and unmistakeable characteristics to this product.

Terre Alte di Toscana represents a rich and fertile land, permeated with the natural elements which determine the oil's flavour and intrinsic quality, bestowing it with the same strong and resolute character as the inhabitants of this incomparable land.

Over 2000 years of olive farming have made this land one of the most important production areas of the world and Terre Alte di Toscana a unique and incomparable olive oil.

Bottle ETRUSCA 0,500 L
Cardboard:6 Bott. x 0,500 L
Measures:cm 17 x 16 x 27
Weight Cardboard:Kg 5,740
Packages for layer:35 per 5 strati
Packages for pallet:175
Pallet weight (not included):Kg 1005

Bottle ITALY 0,750 L
Cardboard:6 Bott. x 0,750 L
Measures:cm 23 x 15 x 29
Weight Cardboard:Kg 7,6
Packages for layer:26 per 5 strati
Packages for pallet:130
Pallet weight (not included):Kg 988

Bottle MARASCA 0,500 L
Cardboard:6 Bott. x 0,500 L
Measures:cm 18 x 12 x 28
Weight Cardboard:Kg 5,740
Packages for layer:36 per 4 strati
Packages for pallet:144
Pallet weight (not included):Kg 827

Bottle MARASCA 0,250 L
Cardboard:12 Bott. x 0,250 L
Measures:cm 22 x 16 x 24
Weight Cardboard:Kg 6,380
Packages for layer:24 per 4 strati
Packages for pallet:96
Pallet weight (not included):Kg 612,5

Cardboard:2 Latt. x 5 L
Measures:cm 25 x 16 x 33
Weight Cardboard:Kg 10,150
Packages for layer:23 per 3 strati
Packages for pallet:69
Pallet weight (not included):Kg 700,35