1000 and more members

It may seem a simple slogan or some wind of alchemy advertising, it's really just a careful and modern way to produce thinking thaht the consumer wants to know us.

Autumn is the harvest season for our members, a ritual as ancient as the legends of our land. On the slopes of these beautiful hills, the same gestures and traditions are repeated, unchanged though time and centuries. Every little part in the beautiful Maremma gives, every year, its contribution to the realization of the most important food present in our culture: the Toscano extravirgin olive oil.

Thanks to the project “Traceability” we can monitor the position of bins in the harvest fields of the members and we are able to know the exact location where the olives are picked. Each batch is considered as a separate pressing, is analysed, conserved and numbered with a code which it will bear until it reaches the consumer's table. Each bottle of extra virgin olive oil produced by OL.MA. carries a production number on its label through which the company can trace the producer, the harvest period, the day of pressing and the chemical and organoleptic qualities of the oil. This means TOTAL RETRACEABILITY.