Types of olive

Since ancient times, the cultivation of the olive tree has established with the history of man and his traditions and became the symbol of the Mediterranean landscape par excellence. There's a variety of cultivars in our area which can be identified in some main types:

Leccino olives: the great vigor and its ability to adapt to more lands are the features which mainly determine its great success and appreciation; tree of medium to large size, it has a wide dense crown, while branches have tops going up.

Moraiolo olives: it's a quite rustic and undemanding tree. Although it prefers hilly soils, it is suitable for various soils. It has a limited vigor, little bulky and quite thick foliage; its branches with fruits are short and twisted.

Frantoio olives: tree of medium size, with vigor and an enlarged and moderately dense foliage. The main branches are gnarled, while the bearing ones are thin and long with tops going up. It fits quite well in various terrains.

Pendolino olives: Medium vigorous tree with expanded and rather thick foliage. The fruiting branches are quite long and characterized by distinctive pendulous (from here comes the name of the plant), that it also makes it quite ornamental. Is a widely cultivated and appreciated as pollinating variety, a peculiarity that has favored its spread.