International Markets

Export in the World - Penetration of international markets

The old oil-mill at "Madonnino" is today a modern structure, capable of maximising the combination between tradition ad technology, part of a moderne market which features the offer of a product currently segmented and diverse, and further refined by the introducion of productions that ask for traceability checks and product quality.

OL.MA. maintains the values it holds most dear with a specific choice and determined qoal; to offer a product which can be immediately distinguished for its quality and genuinity.

Throughout the years the company, encuraged by results obtained on the national and fereign markets, has planned development strategies for the consolidation of its role and to improve to the highest degree its quality and production capacity.

Today OL.MA. is present with its products not only in Italy but also in the U.S.A., the Netherlands, Australia, Denmark, Lithuania, Russia, England, Finland, Sweden, Kazakhstan, Estonia, Japan, Germany.