The history of the Collegio Toscano degli Olivicoltori OL.MA.

In the heart of Maremma on the hillsides around Grosseto, where olive growing is deeply rooted, jealously guarded and handed down from generation to generation, in 1969,  OL.MA. Collegio Toscano degli OlivicoltoriOL.MA. was founded, the expression of a growing need to produce greater quantities of high quality extravirgin olive oil.

The cooperative planted its roots in the old oil-mill at the "Madonnino"which for over a century had guaranteed oil to the whole area, extracted from the precious olives growing on the splendid hillsides.

Following the expansion of the original structure, company reorganisation and redevelopment, the company now hosts over 1200 olive growing members and can fully satisfy the increasing needs of national and foreign markets.

OL.MA. has always benn deeply involved in the olive growing culture, considering it first a social rather then a business heritage, and maintains as its strong point the attainment of quality with respect for tradition, supplemented by the most modern techniques.